Colin Kaepernick Protests Treatment Of Black People By Not Standing For National Anthem

In a move reminiscent of the Mexico City Olympics in 1968, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem in last night’s pre-season game with the Green Bay Packers as a show of protest against the way … Continue reading »

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Pornhub Creates Porn For The Blind

Pornhub, the popular adult entertainment site, has recently launched the “Described Video” category on their website for blind and there are already 50 videos added to the category. The videos consists of extremely detail descriptions of scenes, plots, and models. … Continue reading »

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Adult Breastfeeding Plays Cupid: Bartender Quits Job To Breastfeed BF

Jennifer Mulford and her old boyfriend from high school Brad, and now “lover” apparently wanted the same thing out of a relationship that only adult breast-feeding could create. The bartender and mom hasn’t had to breast feed in over 20 … Continue reading »

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President Obama and Hillary Clinton Will Let The U.S. know the Secrets About Aliens….20 years of waiting…Is E.T. Real??

Reports say that President Barack Obama is poised to make a revelation about alien discovery in the US and the world before he leaves the Oval Office. President Candidate Hillary Clinton is also following suit pressuring the President to keep … Continue reading »

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Superbug That May Wipe out 10 Million People By 2050

  Scientists are more than worried that a new strand of bacteria may be ahead of our medicine as far as antibiotics and vaccines are concerned. A reported 700,000 die a year from bacteria infections and with that number expected … Continue reading »

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eSight Headsets Give 13 Year Old Gift Of Seeing His Mom

A lot of things today we take advantage of and don’t actually realize how lucky we are to do somethings other people can’t do, like see. As a writer and a reader I am thankful for my eyesight I just have … Continue reading »

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