Kim Kardashian’s Beach Day In Hot Michael Kors One-Piece

Kim Kardashian is known for chronicling her whole life through her reality show . . . and Instagram.

Yesterday was no exception as she took to Instagram to show off her hot Michael Kors one-piece bathing suit.

Photo credit: Twitter (@kimkardashian)

Unfortunately, Kim and Kourtney’s day at the beach wasn’t very much fun with a crowd of spectators blocking their view of the beach and the rays from the sun. Kim tweeted this picture with the caption, “Not so relaxing day at the beach today.”

Photo credit: Twitter (@kimkardashian)

Later that day Kim was missing her other half tweeting, “Can’t sleep again tonight! Maybe it’s because my baby @kanyewest isn’t here to cuddle *bbm crying face*.”

Photo credit: Twitter (@kimkardashian)

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