Drunk Woman Killed By a Train After Falling Asleep on the Railroad Tracks

Be careful where you sleep your hangover off at.

Photo: Google Images

A woman in Utah was reportedly killed today after falling asleep on a railroad track. Two guesses as to how she died. No scratch that — one guess, because it’s obvious. She was hit by a train at 2 am Sunday morning after spending the night on the tracks.

The 44-year old woman from Utah has been left unidentified, but it is reported that after a night of drinking, she fell asleep on the train tracks with another guy, who is also unnamed. After fearing that he had accidentally ran over someone, the Union Pacific train engineer called local police. The woman, who is said to be homeless, was dead on arrival after being dragged several blocks by the train and losing her arm in the process. The man, who is also in his 40s, has survived with only a broken leg. He was transported to a local hospital and was reportedly so drunk that he didn’t even realize he had been hit by a train!

While I’m not one to make light of death, I think it’s safe to say that this comes as no surprise to anyone. Common sense, I would think, would tell you you’re likely to get ran over by a train if you fall asleep onĀ train tracks. But maybe I’m missing the big picture here. Apparently she isn’t the first person to have fallen asleep on train tracks only to be killed by a train.

Here are three more incidents for you:

This summer 25-year-old DeFuniak Springs of Florida and 12-year-old, Hu Sein of Indiana were both run over and killed by a train after falling asleep on the tracks.

In March, Arielle Troutman, 16 and Hannah Elizabeth Rigley, 18 were struck by an oncoming train after falling asleep on the tracks in North Carolina.

Last July, a 37-year-old drunk man sleeping on the train tracks in the Philippines’ Makati City was killed after being run over by a passing train.

Clearly something is going on here. I don’t know, maybe train tracks are more comfortable than they look. How unfortunate.

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