Florida Mom, “Beat Up” Her Child’s Chemistry Teacher

Photo Credit: kconners from morguefile.com

Photo Credit: kconners from morguefile.com

I never liked chemistry, but I don’t recall ever sending my parent to abuse my teacher for it. I mean sure, atoms and moles are hard to understand but I usually used the periodic table to help me out, not my mom’s fists.

Ruth Nathalie Perkins, a 42 year old mother from Orlando, Florida went into an after school program her child’s teacher was helping out with and in front of a group of about 20 students, assaulted the woman. The teacher, Elvira Tomlin, says that she was terrified and when she attempted to pull out her phone to call for help, Perkins slapped it out of her hand.

In addition to the death threats she shouted at her, as if that weren’t enough, she knocked the glasses off of the teacher and threw her against a wall. Tomlin was left with scratch marks near her eye and over the surface of her face. At that point two students took the initiative to pull Perkins off their teacher and take her out of the classroom. She was then arrested in the school parking lot and later charged with aggravated battery of a public or private education employee.

This was a strange case to hear about, but overall not that shocking. Why, you ask? Well in my opinion, more recently parents have not hesitated to blame the teachers for the failure of their students rather than their children or even themselves. It is the teacher’s job to give children information that they can later use to further their own education. If a student chooses not to do homework, or study for tests, that is no fault but their own.

Sure my mom used to make me do work that she gave me, additional to what I was learning in school, and sure I hated it. Looking back, I’m overjoyed that she bought me a math workbook and told me to, “figure it out,” rather than having gone into my school and knocked the glasses off my teacher’s face.

There seems to be a cultural standard these days, where parents believe that nothing could possibly be wrong with their own children, and there must be something wrong with everyone else. And those children will be much more dependent on their parents getting them out of trouble for a much longer time.

Do you agree, or am I alone on this one? Sound off in the comments.


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