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Kim Cattrall Did Not Expect This, A 16-Year-Old Driver Recklessly Drives Into Her Vancouver Home

Poor Kim! So peaceful, just trying to keep it low key this week. But, get this, a driver drove Cattrall’s SUV into HER home. That’s like a double whammy. The incident happened at 1 AM and Cattrall tweeted, “”A senseless … Continue reading »

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11-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Home Intruder

An 11-year-old child shot and killed a teen that was trying to break into a home in north St. Louis, MO. Police say that the child shot one round from a handgun and killed the 16-year-old suspect. Two suspects tried … Continue reading »

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A 16-Year-Old Runaway Survives 5.5 Hour Flight In Wheel Well

Here’s a story I never thought I’d hear. It turns out a 16-year-old boy  survived a 5.5 hour flight in the wheel well of a Boeing 767 that reached 38,000 feet as it traveled from California to Hawaii, according to the … Continue reading »

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