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Connecticut Special Ed Teacher in Court: The Problem of Teacher Sexual Assault

Laura Ramos, 31, was until very recently a special education teacher for Central High School in Connecticut. In June, Ramos turned herself in after local police issued a warrant for her arrest. Prior to that, she had been put on … Continue reading »

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First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Education Campaign For Girls At Global Citizen Festival

The 2015 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park was filled with incredible performers including Ariana Grande, Pearl Jam, and Beyonce as well as plenty of other celebrities and entrepreneurs looking to increase global development. However, after a busy week of … Continue reading »

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“Girls” Star Opens Up About Abortion In PSA

Jemima Kirke, one of the stars of HBO’s hit show “Girls” released two PSA’s for the Center for Reproductive Rights earlier today. The star, who says she wants to help speak out for women’s reproductive rights revealed that while she … Continue reading »

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Girls Charged In Slenderman Stabbing

Two girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, will stand trial for stabbing a friend. Their reason for doing so was to “impress the fictional Internet bogeyman Slenderman“; a horror story meme the girls had encountered on a website known as Creepypasta … Continue reading »

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Charges Detail Waukesha Pre – Teens’ Attempt To Kill Classmate

  Two girls were charged with homicide and up to a 65 – year sentence. Morgan E. Geyser was allowed to have two friends over each year for her birthday, May 30th. This year Morgan and Anissa E. Weier killed their … Continue reading »

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THZ Exclusive: Alexis Jones Talks About Lizzie Velasquez, ‘The Lizzie Project,’ The Non-Profit Organization ‘I Am That Girl,’ And More

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Lizzie Velasquez and then watched her video from the December 2013, TEDxAustinWomen event . It’s an understatement to say that I was blown away by her. Lizzie has a rare medical … Continue reading »

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Iraq To Pass A Law That Legalized Marriage For 9-Year-Old Girls

After Iraq gained independence, a tradition of child marriage – called “fasliyah” – persisted in its rural areas. Upon their fathers’ orders, Iraqi girls were betrothed to men to resolve tribal disputes or incur favor. But in the mid-1970s, fasliyah was prohibited … Continue reading »

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Joan Rivers Slams Lena Dunam For Her Weight: “Stay Fat, Get Diabetes, Everybody Die!”

It’s no secret that Joan Rivers has absolutely no filter. She says what she wants to say and cares little about the opinions of others. But did she maybe take it too far this time? She recently criticized Girls star Lena Dunam … Continue reading »

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Adam Driver Rumored As Next Star Wars Villain

Girls star, Adam Driver, is rumored to be starring as the next villain in the new installment of the Star Wars franchise.  Nothing has been confirmed, but reports say the only thing holding the confirmation back is a scheduling conflict. … Continue reading »

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