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BeauTea Soiree Wellness Event – NYC

Join us for ONI-BODI’s 4th Annual BeauTea Soiree Saturday, April 8th 1:00-6:00PM @ the Radisson Hotel in Hauppauge, NY The purpose of the event is to be mindful and aware of the Blood Cancers, Diseases, and Disorders through education, prevention, and … Continue reading »

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Chris Brown Says He Wants to “Prevent Spousal Abuse”

Seems like Chris Brown’s abuse scandal will never escape him, or even die down. After his recently denial of entry to Australia, the singer seems to be on a quest to clear his name. The singer spoke out on Tuesday, … Continue reading »

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Dr. Nina’s Cancer Symptoms to Watch For, and Prevention

Our body is truly amazing. It is comprised of an estimated three trillion cells that form tissues and organs and work harmoniously together. A cell is our body’s basic unit of life. And, each cell is the CEO of its … Continue reading »

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Breaking News: 22 People May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax at A U.S. Air Base in South Korea

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declares that four lab workers may have been recommended to take antibiotics as a precaution on Thursday, May 28, 2015. This is because an Army in Utah mistakenly shipped live anthrax samples to their … Continue reading »

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