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Woman Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in Texting Case

A woman from Massachusetts has been found guilty on Friday of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide. Michelle Carter now faces a 20 year prison sentence for the death of 18 year old Conrad Roy. Roy died … Continue reading »

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BIG NOPE: Woman Falls Six Feet While Looking At Phone

Video has surfaced of a woman who fell six feet into a basement on Thursday while looking at her phone.  The cellar doors were open on the ground of a street in Plainfield, New Jersey. But, instead of walking around … Continue reading »

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Teens Try To Maintain Friendships Offline

In today’s society, teenagers strongly depend on social media, cellphones and video games to connect with others and build friendships. Although, relationships that are made online or over the internet hardly ever makes it to the real world. In a survey … Continue reading »

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Patti LuPone Teaches Audience a Lesson in Texting Manners

Patti LuPone is not one to shy away from teaching people manners, even when she’s in the middle of working! During her July 8 performance of Douglas Carter Beane’s Shows for Days at the Lincoln Center, LuPone reportedly took a … Continue reading »

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Tyga Addresses Mia Isabella Sexting Scandal

Tyga has been the center of a lot of gossip lately, but the most recent news is surrounding his alleged relationship with transsexual actress, Mia Isabella. Of course, if this relationship were real, that would mean that Tyga is cheating … Continue reading »

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Utah Valley University: School Creates Special Lane on Staircase for People to Use While Texting

On the Utah Valley University campus, students tend to walk and text. For this reason, Matt Bambrough, the creative director at UVU, came up with an idea to paint a “texting lane” on a staircase leading up to the brand-new … Continue reading »

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Kim Kardashian and Sisters Kendall and Kylie Recieve Some Heat for ‘Texting’

Last night at MTV’s VMA show, Kim and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie were shown to what appeared to be ‘texting’ during a moment of silence in honor of slain African-American teenager Michael Brown, The Twitterverse didn’t take to kindly to … Continue reading »

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Texts Worse Than Drinking And Driving

There is both a serious texting and drunk driving problem in the country that is leading to 100’s of deaths each and every year. Now, experts are saying texting behind the wheel is worse than drunk driving. This makes somewhat … Continue reading »

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This Is Why You Ignore Everybody On The Subway And Why You Should Stop

Have you ever been on your long commute to work on the subway? You’ve probably been fiddling on your phone or listening to music, right? When riding the subway we never acknowledge who is riding it with us nor take … Continue reading »

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