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Check out The Hot Zone’s staff favorites from LifeStrength.  LifeStrength bracelets are considered to be the vitamin that you wear.  Wake up refreshed.  Increase energy.  Feel better.  Read more about these amazing products below and run to your nearest Target, Walgreens or online to purchase your bracelet.  Below are our staff top picks.

MYID – Life’s Vital Info Everywhere You Go 


MYID is a fully customizable emergency ID profile that stores your emergency contacts, medical, allergy and insurance information on LifeStrength’s secure, cloud-based servers.  Your profile is accessed by scanning a custom QR code or calling their 24/7 call center with the info located on your MYID bracelet, necklace, or sticker.  MYID accessories come in bold styling and 3 great colors so you look great in any occasion.




Inspired by those who want the benefits of Ion Health Technology in a fashionable product, the T1I by LIFESTRENGTH™ is the perfect bracelet. In addition to Ion Health Technology, they’ve added four other components of health technology including a Far-infrared bio-ceramic blend, powerful 600 gauss, neodymium magnet, pure germanium, and naturally energized Tourmaline.  And, it comes in six different configurations for just the right look for any occasion.

The T1I band is the perfect band for those striving to live life to the fullest and look great doing it. The T1I Band – Where health meets fashion.

T1i Series1

T1i Series

To purchase your LifeStrength bracelet, visit LifeStrength to see their full product offerings.

Visit LifeStrength’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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