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Indie Artist Amelia Scalies: “I Should’ve Known” Album Review

“I Should’ve Known,” the first full-length album by 14-year-old indie singer-songwriter and musician, Amelia Scalies (pronounced Skah-Lease); is a phenomenal eclectic piece of work that will draw the attention of any alternative rock junkie and anyone else that can appreciate … Continue reading »

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THZ EXCLUSIVE: Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Deluxe Album Signing Event At The Samsung Galaxy Studio In SoHo

I had known about Robin Thicke before this year but I really started taking notice of him after the song “Blurred Lines” came out. Everything works in the song from the beats to the vocals to the images in the … Continue reading »

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Indie Artist Chords of Truth: “The Power To Be Alive” Music Video

South Carolina based indie folk musician, Chords of Truth, born Jason Garriotte, has released the visual for “The Power To Be Alive,” (the Chameleon acid folk remix) featuring up-and-coming rapper Man-u-iLL. The track is number four on Truth’s mind tantalizing, … Continue reading »

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