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The Los Angeles Clippers Sold To Steve Ballmer For $2 Billion

The LA Clippers goes to… Steve Ballmer. The NBA league has announced that the Los Angeles Clippers new owner will be Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, for $2 Billion on Friday; this is the same day Donald Sterling filed a lawsuit … Continue reading »

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Bethenny Frankel Flees Book Signing Event in NYC

The former contestant on “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” flees her booking signing event at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City when little to no fans show up to support her, as reported by Page Six of the NY … Continue reading »

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Ray J Arrested For Trespassing, Vandalism And Battery

Ray J has been arrested and hit with a number of charges on Friday night after a incident occurred at a hotel in Beverly Hills. A woman called the police on Ray J after he inappropriately touched her backside. When the police arrived at the hotel and spoke with … Continue reading »

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THZ Exclusive: Alexis Jones Talks About Lizzie Velasquez, ‘The Lizzie Project,’ The Non-Profit Organization ‘I Am That Girl,’ And More

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Lizzie Velasquez and then watched her video from the December 2013, TEDxAustinWomen event . It’s an understatement to say that I was blown away by her. Lizzie has a rare medical … Continue reading »

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Actress Charlize Theron Sparks Twitter Storm After Comparing Press Intrusion to Rape

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is under fire today by the public, for comparing press intrusion of her life to rape. Theron is in the UK promoting her new film, “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” That is where … Continue reading »

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THZ EXCLUSIVE!!! Interview With Country Music Artist Joshua Scott Jones

I am a huge fan of country music, always have been always will be. My friends and even the love of my life always look at me like I’m an alien. The one question I’ve always been asked is “How … Continue reading »

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Spelling Bee Ends In Rare Stalemate: First Tie In 52 Years

Thursday night, Sriram Hathwar of Painted Post, New York, and Ansun Sujoe of Fort Worth, Texas made history at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. They became the fourth co-champions in the bee’s 89-year history and the first since 1962. According … Continue reading »

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Coating On Willis Tower Skydeck’s Ledge Cracks Under Tourists

We all have to admit that we’ve wanted to step on the “shatterproof” glass that sky scrapers have on their top deck. Even I have stepped on the glass of the famous Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s pretty intimidating to … Continue reading »

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Virgin Killer’s Best Friend Reveals He Warned His Mother About Disturbing Facebook Post Months Ago

One of the Virgin Killer’s best friends has told how his world has been turned upside down by Elliot Rodger’s bloody massacre, saying: ‘I can’t believe I was friends with a psychopathic, mass murderer’. Rodger’s referred to Philip Bloeser as … Continue reading »

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‘Chexting’ Breaking Up Happy Homes

Chatting services on the Internet are starting to tear apart families. A new method of communication known as “chexting” allows users to share their deepest feelings with people. It’s being used so much that it’s breaking up marriages and families … Continue reading »

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