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Clubhouse In China: Firewall Is Hardly The End

“It is already hard to get a U.S. Apple account and now you are going to block me? This is insane.” said an anonymous in the chatroom. Half of my chatrooms on my Clubhouse front page are Mandarin-spoken, and today … Continue reading »

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Want to Celebrate Black History Month Virtually? Here Are The Go-Tos

Different networks will celebrate Black History Month throughout February, Apollo theater in New York City, Harlem’s best-known venue provides two free events on the first day of February. At the same time, except for historical places and in-person events that … Continue reading »

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Bernie Sanders Mittens Choice Puts Him Under the Spotlight Again On Social Media

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was wearing a Burton Winter jacket along with Uniqlo +J wool tapered pants, and wool Mittens with Icelandic wool sweater pattern, revealed by Burton Snowboards’ official account. While other political leaders showed up in their … Continue reading »

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Trump Granted Pardons to 143 People In His Last Hour of Presidency

Donald Trump issued pardons on Tuesday night, he granted clemency to 143 people, using the final hours of his presidency, including former top White House aide Steve Bannon, according to a list made public by the White House early this morning. Bannon, Trump’s former White … Continue reading »

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What Do You Need To Know About Joe Biden’s Inauguration

After Biden is sworn in, he plans to spend his first hours as president undoing many of Donald Trump’s legacy. Biden will sign a dozen of executive actions Wednesday, when he arrives at the White House, including measures to rejoin the Paris … Continue reading »

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