10 Community Service Ideas for Conrad Hilton

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Last year, hotel heir Conrad Hilton seriously disrupted a flight from London to Los Angeles. Now, he’s being forced to pay a 5,000-dollar fine and 750 hours of community service. With this new information, I thought I’d give the 21-year-old Hilton some community service ideas.

1. Follow Nicole Richie around and tell her how beautiful she is

2. Watch the scene in Sleeping Beauty where actual peasants are waiting outside the castle for a glimpse of the Princess Aurora exactly 978 times, go back in time, and apologize to actual peasants

Reportedly, this was the insult Hilton used on the passengers.

3. Work at McDonalds for three hours

Three hours would probably be enough. Let’s be real.

4. Surrender his cell phone for an entire day and write a script for Keeping up with the Kardashians because come on, there has to be something

5. Reenact every single episode ever made of The Simple Life

6. Go for a joyride with Spencer Pratt, infamous for The Hills on MTV

Actually, on second thought, Hilton might have fun with this.

7. Eat Little Caesar’s Pizza for a month

Author’s Note: Little Caesar’s originated not too far from the suburb where I grew up. That doesn’t mean it’s the best chain pizza. It’s not.

8. Fluff every pillow at every Hilton Hotel in the United States

9. If TLC makes the decision, be the one to break the news that 19 Kids and Counting is canceled (still no word on that front)

10. Teach 90-year-old ladies the cha-cha. This sounds like a normal community service announcement, but Hilton would have to actually learn the cha-cha, so there’s that.

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