Former NY Officials Arrested; Ran $400mill Disability Scam


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Over 120 former New York policemen and firefighters have been arrested after faking disabilities in order to receive over $400 million in benefits.

The first round of arrests happened in January, with over 100 arrested.  The second round of arrests will be happening throughout today, with 28 guilty NYC ex-officials.

Some have been running this scam since the 1980s.  Even harder to believe, some began collecting fraudulent disability benefits after 9/11.

One man, Glenn Lieberman, 48, is a former policeman who was residing in a mansion worth $1.5 million at the time of his arrest.   His mansion was located on waterfront property where he stored his two jet skis.

The men were guided on how to fake disabilities such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from lawyers and doctors who advertised the scheme.  The lawyers coached the men on the right things to say and linked them up with doctors who approved their disabilities.

One man, Joseph Morrone, collected disability after stating that 9/11 left him with a fear of crowds.  Seems perfectly reasonable, but he recently posted pictures of himself selling cannolis in the crowded streets of Little Italy.  I don’t think someone with a fear of crowds with brave the streets of Little Italy.

Vincent LaMantia collected over $148,000.  He even posted a video on YouTube teaching viewers how to get rich quick.  Way to be subtle.  The video has since been removed.

The leaders of the scheme have been identified and charged with first and second-degree grand larceny.

Pretty unbelievable that someone would capitalize on 9/11 and other disasters to take funds from those who need it most.

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