50 Cent Ordered To Pay Extra Money

50 Cent Photo: SeeSantana.com

50 Cent
Photo: SeeSantana.com

It seems rapper 50 cent’s file for bankruptcy may have not helped that much. A jury in Manhattan New York, said on Friday, cent should pay Lastonia Leviston $2 million in punitive damages in addition to the $5 million he was ordered to pay her for posting her sex tape online for millions to see. Leviston hopes “he learned a lesson.” The $2 million award was less than the $15 million Leviston’s lawyer asked for earlier that day, but it was more than the $700,000 the rapper’s lawyers recommended. Jury foreman Tom Evans said, “We had to compromise. Some wanted (to award) more, some wanted less. What we came up with seemed to be balanced kind of equation.”

It’s likely that none of the jurors bought 50 cent’s claims, who filed for bankruptcy last week, attempting to keep the jurors from forcing him to pay a punitive damages award in addition to Leviston’s $5 million for her civil rights being violated and her emotional distress. Another juror, Sylvia Rodriguez, “he has it. He’s 50 Cent. You know he has more than 50 cents. I don’t think he’s broke. If anything he has it hidden,” while Evans agreed and said, “We don’t know how much money he has, you can move things around.”

50 cent’s testimony for not being as rich as he seems to be “sucked,” according to Rodriguez. “I don’t think he was taking it seriously. He was winking at one of us, and then he just ran out of the courtroom. That wasn’t necessary. He was funny, which wasn’t working at all for someone who has hurt someone else.” It’s unclear what further actions the rapper will take now, but it seems all the effort he put in to make himself look broke, didn’t work.

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