7-Year-Old Girl Leads Officials To Find Her Parents Dead From Drug Overdose

Photo Credit: Kconnors from www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: Kconnors from www.morguefile.com

A young girl helped officials find out that her parents had died.

According to WPXI, a 7-year-old girl went to school and told someone that there was something wrong with her parents.

Later that day, officials went to the girl’s house in McKeesport, Pa. and did, in fact, find her parents — 26-year-old Christopher Dilly and 25-year-old Jessica Lally — dead inside.

Officials confirmed that Dilly and Lally died of a drug overdose.

Lally’s sister, Courtney, said she knew of her sister’s drug problem. She even tried to get help for the couple’s four children once she saw her sister’s problem get worse.

“My sister wasn’t the person she became when it came to drugs.  She wasn’t the person I knew. It was like the drugs had taken over and at first we didn’t know it was heroin,” Courtney Lally explained. “She loved her kids — she did. She loved her mom, she loved me, she loved us.”

Courtney Lally was devastated that the 7-year-old girl had to be the one to report her parents’ dead bodies.

“That’s like the hardest thing because that’s a 7-year-old,” she said. “That’s a 7-year-old that did that.”

Besides the 7-year-old girl, the couple was also parents to children the ages of 9 months, 3 and 5. All four of the kids have been sent to a hospital to be evaluated and will be placed with Allegheny County Children Youth and Families.

Courtney Lally and her mother will attempt to gain temporary custody of the four children. They are expected to head to court for the matter in the days to come.

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