A Flight Attendant Refused to Give a Lady a Diet Coke

credit: morguefile

credit: morguefile

Coca-Cola is the real thing. That’s why everybody wants one. Unfortunately, this lady didn’t get one because she was refused. Tahera Ahmad was on a Shuttle America (part of United Airlines) flight from Chicago to Washington, D.C. a week ago when a flight attendant wouldn’t serve her a Coke. Apparently, the flight attendant claimed that the soda could be “used as a weapon.” At first, it sounds bizarre, but it gets much worse.

This behavior was discriminatory. Ahmad is Muslim, and she was presumably wearing her hijab during the flight. The flight attendant gave Ahmad, who works for Northwestern University, an open can of Diet Coke, and naturally, she requested an unopened one. The flight attendant refused, remarking, “No Diet Coke for you.” She also told Ahmad that it was the airline’s policy not to serve unopened beverages, but Ahmad later observed that same attendant giving another passenger an unopened beer can.

Based on her discriminatory behavior, United has dismissed this flight attendant from serving passengers on the airline.

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One Response to A Flight Attendant Refused to Give a Lady a Diet Coke

  1. Debra says:

    This flight attendant apparently attempted to perform her own version of Seinfeld’s “No soup for you”…only this wasn’t a comedy.

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