A Woman Was Jailed After Failing To Return A Movie That Was Rented 9 Years Ago

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

I’m sure there are probably a handful of movies that I haven’t returned through the years, and apparently, if I lived in South Carolina, that could spell trouble for me.

I’m sure Kayla Michelle Finley probably never thought the movie that she rented nine years ago and failed to return would land her in jail for a night. She was charged with petite larceny, and “failure to return a video or cassette.” Is that charge even still relevant today? Finley was released on a $2,000 bond.

First of all, it was a Jennifer Lopez movie, and second of all, it was a VHS tape. I think Lopez is an awesome singer, but I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of her movies. 

WHNS says that Finley had gone to the Pickens County Jail on Thursday to report an unspecified crime, but unfortunately got charged with one herself. The 27-year-old woman had rented Monster-in-Law from Dalton Videos, and Chief Deputy Creed Hashe said that the store’s owner had asked a Pickens County judge for the warrant years ago when Finley didn’t bring the video back. Dalton Videos is now out of business.

Really? All this over Monster-in-Law? She said that after she had rented the movie she had moved out of state because of her husband’s job and she had simply forgotten about it.

According to Hashe, Finley had been mailed several certified letters asking her to turn herself in. She claims that she never received any of the correspondence.

“It’s obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do,” Finley told WHNS. “I fully intend on fighting this, it’s ridiculous I had this happen to me,” she said.

I wonder what Dalton Videos did to anyone who failed to rewind VHS tapes before returning them.

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