Aaron Carter Comes Out Bisexual

Aaron Carter came out as bisexual via personal note on Twitter

Aaron Carter released 4 studio albums at the height of his fame in the late 90s and early 00s. He sky-rocketed to fame particularly with the pre-teen and teenage set as a pop and hip hop artist, its many of his music videos being featured on The Disney Channel as well as MTV. He had released his first album by the age of 10.

Making most of his money before becoming a legal adult came back to bite him and in 2013 he was forced to file for bankruptcy to unload some of his debts. Much of that was back taxes on income he made as a teenager, before he could legally be taxed by the IRS.

He has also had his share of criminal issues, namely in a few arrests for driving under the influence or drug. Possession. He has also had some public tensions with his also-famous brother, Nick Carter, though he insists he loves all of his family no matter what.

The most recent news spreading about the former pre-teen heartthrob is a lot more positive and comes from a personal post Carter made to Twitter early Sunday morning.

In it, Carter discusses his journey with his sexual orientation, discovering at an early age that he may like boys as well as girls. He stated that he had some sort of relationship with a “male” when he was 17.

He stated that he was not confessing in the negative sense and was merely relieving the burden that his secret had become, stating: “This brings me no shame.”

Having also recently revealed struggles with self-image and an eating disorder, Carter has gratefully received tremendous support online from his fans. He will likely receive much of the same for his honest and positive revelation.

He continues to maintain that he would like to marry current girlfriend Madison Parker and have a family, meaning that this “coming out” is just another positive representation for the LGBT community. Even with so much turmoil in his life, per the sadly usual child-star trope, he presented his identity as a positive thing, another way he has been made to feel like he belongs in the world, offering hope and optimism to anyone going through similar identity struggles.

He later tweeted that he was “waking up so overwhelmed by [his fans’] love and support ”


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