Actor Ben Foster Admits To Taking Drugs For Film Role

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With the release of The Program next month, actor Ben Foster has admitted to doping for a better understanding when playing the role of cancer survivor turned Tour De France Winner Lance Armstrong.

Actors often go the extra mile when researching for roles when playing characters for the big screen. Famously, Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for five days when filming The Dark Knight, and Adrian Brody sold his house and all his belongings as to feel true loss when preparing for his Oscar-winning performance in The Pianist.

Foster justifies his decision to dope as a better way to fully understand the character and what lead him to the biggest lie and scandal in sporting history. Speaking with ‘The Guardian’, he explains: “On one hand, he’s a lying doper who tricked the world. On the other, he’s a young man who faced cancer. It changes you. And when you go to war it changes you. That’s what Lance did – he went to war with his body. That shifts your consciousness.”

Armstrong won seven consecutive Tour De France titles between 1999-2005, but was stripped of all of them after it was revealed that he was under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs. The film tells the story of how Sunday Times journalist David Walsh uncovered the scandal. Below is the trailer:

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