After All This Time: Frank Ocean’s Album

It might as well have been a treasure lost at the bottom of the (Frank) Ocean. It seems like it’s been ages since 2012, when Ocean burst onto the scene with his debut album channel Orange. He had five hit singles on that album; he did well on his freshman try. So everyone was only expecting more and better to come.

In late 2012, he reportedly stated that he wasn’t sure he would make anymore albums. He said he might want to write novels instead. But approximately two months later, he was saying that he had a 10-12 song start on his next record. All through 2013 he dropped hints about the music he was making, including sharing some new music at a German concert. In a reply to a Tumblr question, he said that the new album would be coming out “when summer comes around again.” By the end of the summer of 2014, the futility of waiting for a new Frank Ocean album was a common Internet joke.

Then, in 2015, Ocean had a falling out with his publicist and managing team, placing yet another speed bump in the path of what we now know to be called Boy’s Don’t Cry. He got a new team, made some more music, stalled a little longer, and said again that the album would come out in the summer. The summer of 2015.

Fast-forward to now, the middle of summer 2016, and we have an actual (though who knows how factual it is) release date. Friday August 5th is reportedly the day that this long-awaited album will enter not-so-patient-fan’s ears. So, he wasn’t lying when he said summer. And, remember when he said that thing about wanting to write novels? He may not have been off-base with that either, as the album is apparently being accompanied by a literary publication of some sort, boasting the same name, Boys Don’t Cry. 

People are excited. People are skeptical. People are indifferent.

Me, I won’t be surprised if the 6 in “August 5, 2016” turns into a 7…or even an 8.

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