Alec Baldwin’s Open Letter: “Good-Bye To Public Life”

Photo Credit: Ibailey from

Photo Credit: Ibailey from

Alec Baldwin the actor best known today not for his work, but for his public outbursts and fits of violent rage had an article published in the February 24th issue of New York Magazine in which he condemns show business for what is has become.

He proclaims that the life he once loved in New York City has lost its appeal and the paparazzi, willing to do just about anything to get a good picture, have become too invasive to bear. Baldwin, 55, slams Harvey Levin of TMZ for telling outright lies, claiming that Baldwin chased down a camera man and used a homophobic slur towards him. Although he does not deny following the paparazzi, or shouting crude things at him, he completely denies calling him a, “faggot.”

This is just the first of many offenses Baldwin believes the industry has done in painting him as a modern day villain. It is important to note that nowhere does he deny having tendencies for tantrums, and he even apologizes for them. In today’s world where a camera and social media are so accessible, someone could probably tweet that he killed their cat, and it would be taken as fact.

After commenting that Shia LaBeouf was extremely difficult to work with and that Rachel Maddow (among others) is a, “phony who doesn’t have the same passion for the truth off-camera that she seems to have on the air,” he announced that he needs a break from the public eye. Baldwin denounces news media noting that, “in the New Media culture, anything good you do is tossed in a pit, and you are measured by who you are on your worst day.”

A move to Los Angeles seems to be in Alec Baldwin’s future where he claims people leave you alone and let you have a normal life, should you want it. There is, also, the distinction he makes between actors, who seek to discover themselves through the words of others, and actors in show business, who crave audience approval. He wants to rediscover being an actor.

Finally Baldwin mentions something rather shocking: he would have loved to run for political office. It seems puzzling to me because I never would have seen Alec Baldwin, the guy from 30 Rock and the crazy guy who shouts obscenities at photographers as sane enough to run for an official position in government.

But I guess that’s his point.

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3 Responses to Alec Baldwin’s Open Letter: “Good-Bye To Public Life”

  1. Heba says:

    This is great and the ending is quite intriguing!

  2. Sarah says:

    great article!

  3. Ashley says:

    Wow I really didn’t know this! So shocking! I Ike the last line because that really is the point isn’t it?

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