All Hail The King! Clooney’s Sweet Moment During The Hail, Caesar! Premiere

Hail Caesar Photo Credit Universal Pictures - THZ Photo Library

Hail Caesar Photo Credit Universal Pictures – THZ Photo Library

Even if you’ve never seen any of his movies, you’re familiar with George Clooney’s winning smile and smooth reputation. His list of beautiful girlfriends looked like a Victoria Secret’s guest list. When the average Joe visualized bachelorhood, he visualized Mr. Clooney. Then he did the unthinkable – he got married! Some guys grow and move on. Others – not so much.

George Clooney brought his beautiful British Lawyer wife, Amal Clooney, 37, as his date to the star-studded Hail Caesar! Premiere event at the Regency Theatre in Hollywood. While the actor, 54, had a look reminiscent of his bachelor days, covered in head-to-toe black, he was all the gentleman a new husband is supposed to be. At one point, the spouses shared a sweet moment on the red carpet, nearly going in for a kiss. George, you’re killin’ ‘em!

Smooth duds and affectionate moments are just the beginnings of his romantic repertoire. Clooney maintains a flurry of sentiments as father time turned to baby New Year the past few weeks. Christmas, New Year’s, his wife’s birthday on Feb. 3, and then Valentine’s Day. “No pressure, although it all runs together. It’s all at the beginning of the year,” he said. “I’m ready for it. I’m prepared.” So why aren’t the guys out there taking notes from Mr. Married George like they were Mr. Bachelor George? Selective learning I guess.

In Universal Pictures’ Hail, Caesar!, George plays a movie star who is kidnapped from the set of his 1950s-set comedy. His character is starring as the leader of the Roman Empire at the time of his capture. The ensemble cast of heavy hitter players are meant to be a group of Hollywood big wigs back in the day who are tasked with finding one of their own after he’s been kidnapped. “From the minute I got the role, I put on the leather dress and wore it everywhere,” he joked.

Mr. George, you needn’t say no more. You had me at Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13. Hail, Caesar! is in theaters Friday.


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