Amazon, Walmart Pull All Confederate Flag Merchandise



On Tuesday June 23, Amazon joined the list of large retail companies that have removed the all products displaying a Confederate flag from their websites and shelves.

Following in the footsteps of Walmart, Sears, Etsy and eBay, Amazon took action after many customers posted their disappointment and anger on the company’s Facebook page.

After the tragic shooting at a historically black church in South Carolina by a white gunman, the issue of the Confederate flag has surfaced once again, and maybe this time it can be taken down for good.

While many people have taken issue with the continued display of the Confederate flag over the years, others have dismissed it as a symbol of Southern pride. However, after seeing pictures of the South Carolina gunman in front of this flag, people are recognizing it as a sign of hatred and slavery and are demanding its removal with a renewed passion.

There are even South Carolina politicians, including Governor Nikki Haley, who have been fighting to get the flag taken down from its post next to the State House.

As protestors continue to implore lawmakers and fellow citizens alike to “take it down” and “take down the hate,” it is the retailers that are seemingly listening and responding.

Products including T-shirts, belt buckles, license plates and bumper stickers that had the Southern flag on them are no longer available at the majority of major retailers.

We will be watching to see which other companies are going to follow this trend.

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