Amber Rose Claims That Every Man Cheats And You Won’t Find Out If He Really Loves You

Photo credit: Morgue fie

Photo credit: Morgue fie

Love is one of those very abstract concepts that nobody will ever really be able to put into words that actually make sense, but will try to desperately to do so. I am going to attempt in hopes of dispelling this notion that cheating on someone you love should ever be considered an acceptable action. However, just because it is not acceptable, which is coming from a place where I believe women should demand more for themselves, does it then mean that because a man cheats, they don’t love their woman?

The argument stems from recent comments made by Amber Rose, in which she revealed in an interview that she believes “all men cheat.” That statement alone holds so many complications and offenses for the men reading who have never cheated a day in their life, and are probably counting all the women that have cheated on them. Rose continued spewing her absurdities by adding that if the man cheating never allows his woman to find out, then he really must love her.

That second statement sounds ridiculous and mightily pathetic, but there is a controversy here that I won’t take any particular side on because the heart and what it feels is so intangible and varies from person to person and experience to experience. For the cheaters out there reading who may still love their significant others, I am trying really hard not to judge you, but I will not mount my high horse and doubt your feelings. For the women cursing me for not defending your honor, I sincerely apologize for not being the almighty determiner of how feelings work. Speaking on my own behalf, if my significant other did cheat on me I would most certainly doubt that he did love me, but that’s just me. If he claimed something different, I would still leave and continue my search for my prince.

This is where things get tricky and obnoxious. If he truly loved me, I would apparently never find out, according to Amber Rose. Though I am not sure she should be the leading authority on what love is or isn’t. However, this is where I have to disagree. Just the idea of lying to your significant other, let alone about something of that magnitude, makes me question the heart of the man. Some people say that the foundation of love and a relationship is trust. Others live by the biblical quote that love is patient and love is kind. Whether or not the woman knows, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her, can’t possibly apply here, because if a man loves a woman, the fact that he cheated, lied, and was the farthest thing from kind would eat him alive.

Now here is my rant in support of you faithful men out there. Faithful, kind, and loving men are not some mythical creatures that only exist in fairytales. Cheating is not some feature built into their biological makeup. God did not create them in the image of Tiger Woods. I hate Amber Rose’s words because it paints an unfair portrayal of men, but also depletes any hope for women searching for “the one.” Not every relationship is going to be a bed of fresh red roses and skies full of fireworks, but I firmly believe that when a man truly loves a woman, she is the only one.

Secondly, women should not subject themselves to this phenomenon that cheating and “side chicks” are acceptable and inevitable. Demand more for yourselves and don’t lower your own standards of love, whatever they may be. If you are perfectly okay with your man cheating on you, who am I to stop you. But, if you’re anything like me, and believe in the sanctity of love, then keep believing that and you’re bound to find it.

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