American Killed in Barcelona Identified

Credit: MorgueFile

Rex Tillerson announced Friday that an American citizen had been confirmed as one of 14 killed in a terrorist attack in Barcelona Thursday.

Jared Tucker, a San Francisco construction worker, was in Barcelona on his honeymoon with new wife Heidi Nunes. They were married a year ago and had previously been in Paris.

At the time when Nunes was supposed to be flying home with Tucker when she was, instead, identifying his remains.

Tucker, 43, was reportedly trying to find a restroom when a van mowed down a crowd of people at Las Ramblas. He was reported missing Thursday after the attacks when Nunes was not allowed back into the area to search for him by officials who were still trying to secure the area.

Nunes had posted a photo of the couple smiling and having drinks just one hour before the attack occurred.

She is still reportedly in Spain where a friend of the couple lives.

The Daily Mail interviewed Tucker’s father, Dan: “I’m not angry so much as I don’t understand it,” he said. He told a reporter in a video that his wife is “in shock,” starting to say that “it’s a lot harder on her, she just got,” before tearing up and cutting himself off.

He had just gotten the phone call from Nunes who had been called into the consulate to identify Tucker’s body in photos before being asked to go to the morgue where his body was being held to further identify him.

A spokesperson for Nunes stated that she is not ready to make a public statement.

Tucker’s father said they were planning a Mormon funeral for his son once his body was returned home.

Tucker had worked with his father in construction for 26 years. Tucker also leaves behind three teenaged daughters.

The family of a British-born Australian boy, Julian Cadman, is still waiting to find out his fate. He was separated from his mother when she was injured in the attack. Jom, the boy’s mother,  is currently in the hospital in serious condition. Julian’s father Andrew is flying from Sydney to Spain to assist in the search for his son who is only 7-years-old. The extended family have a social media campaign in full force, urging anyone with any information to get in touch.

The youngest alleged victim of the attack is a three-year-old boy, though authorities have yet to confirm his death.

One man, Bruno Gulotta, threw his five-year-old son out of the way of the vehicle just before it plowed into him; his wife shielded their young daughter who she was holding at the time. The mother and two children witnessed Gulotta’s death as chaos reigned around them.

Italian authorities stated that the 100 injured and the 14 dead came from 34 different countries.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks and are looking for a Moroccan-born teenager believed to be the driver.

Authorities are linking multiple incidents in Barcelona Thursday to the same suspected terrorists’ cell, which was allegedly situated 120 miles south of Barcelona. It was reportedly rigged to explode and did so when authorities sought it out, killing at least one man and injuring another.

And in Cambrils, other men driving an Audi 3 ran more people down near a boardwalk.

Six people, including one officer, were injured in that attack before the suspects were killed in a shootout with police.

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