And Now, Deep-Fried Coffee

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This is America, home of the deep-fried Twinkies and even the deep-fried Coca-Cola (still not sure how that one happens). Now, a state fair in San Diego, California is going to boldly fry where no fryer has fried before: deep-fried coffee.

You read that correctly. Coffee.

The San Diego fair’s popular food vendor, Bacon-A-Fair, is ready to present this concoction. They take ground-up coffee from Starbucks, put it in the middle of a pastry, deep fry it until it’s gold, and roll it around in sugar. To top it off, there’s whipped cream. It sounds really weird, but also, like, really delicious. According to the owner of Bacon-A-Fair, Mike Peterson, the pastry is meant to give the effect of coffee, cream, and sugar all in one bite. Cool stuff.

Apparently, it’s been difficult to keep the deep-fried coffee in stock. It’s been the vendor’s biggest seller this year. It makes sense. Deep fried food is delicious, and coffee, well, we all know how much the people love that.

If you’re in the area, get some deep fried coffee while you can!

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