Ann Coulter Doesn’t Know How She Became The Target Of Rob Lowe’s Roast

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe was recorded this weekend with Roastmaster David Spade and veteran Jeff Ross leading the way of poking fun of Rob Lowe, but it was conservative pundit Ann Coulter who took the brunt of the putdowns. Now she is firing back at Comedy Central.

Eight comedians and former NFL star Peyton manning teased Lowe about his 1998 sex tape and his many failed film and TV projects. But the most cutting jokes were reserved for Coulter. Coulter had no idea why she was the target of so much ire.

I have no idea, but it probably has something to do with Comedy Central’s corporate decision to move away from comedy — which is paying huge dividends with the Larry Wilmore and Trevor Noah shows,’ Coulter said.

I really do not believe Coulter when she says she has no idea why she was the subject of the brutal jokes. Coulter is an antagonist, say’s deliberately obnoxious things simply to get a rise out of people. She has almost no tact and very little taste. She supports Donald Trump and was a leader in the controversial and racially insensitive “birther” movement against President Obama. The left-leaning Hollywood crowd was sure to turn her into a subject of ridicule. It’s no wonder that she didn’t think the jokes were funny. The sort of jokes she thinks are funny likely always include the “n word” and are told in hushed tones after she looks around to make sure there are no black people listening.

Some were putting Coulter in her place for her racially insensitive stance on things like the Trayvon Martin shooting. Roastmaster Spade hit hard on this topic.

“She seems stiff and conservative, but Ann gets wild in the sheets. Just ask the Klan,” Spade said.

“It looks like she’s having a good time. I haven’t seen her laugh this hard since Trayvon Martin got shot” he continued.

Coulter said that she was “bored” by the jokes and was only there to promote her book that she recently came out with “In Trump We Trust: E pluribus Awesome!” which went on newsstands just days ago. Coulter should have anticipated the brunt of the cruel jokes would come her way. She is probably the most hated figure in political circles.

Even the usually sedate and bland Peyton Manning took a shot at Coulter’s appearance in a joke that indicated that she looked like a horse.

‘I just realized that I’m not the only athlete up here tonight. As you all know, earlier this year Ann Coulter won the Kentucky Derby,’ he said.

Coulter seemed to take it all in stride, but how could you tell? Her eyes have that hollow soulless look of  of an porn star at the tail end of her career. In her case her hallowness comes from the fact that she is someone who knows that she is just feeding the flames of hatred and making money off the effects.

British comedian Jimmy Carr went so far as to suggest that Coulter kill herself.

“Ann is one of the most repugnant, hateful, hatchet-face bitches alive. It’s not too late to change, Ann. You could kill yourself!” Carr said.

Unfortunately, Coulter thinks way too highly of herself to stoop to such an end. I’m sure she will go on promoting her book completely unaware that most of America shares in the exact feelings that the roast was expressing.

The entire Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe  can be seen on Labor Day on Comedy Central.

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