Another College Student Receives Short Rape Sentence After Brock Turner Case

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A second college male has gotten off easy for raping a female classmate.

Former University of Colorado student Austin James Wilkerson was convicted on one count of sexual assault of a helpless victim and one count of unlawful sexual contact. However, according to CNN, he only received two years in jail under work release, meaning he can leave during the day for school and/or work and return at night. He also received intensive probation, which involves treatment and therapy for sex offenders.

The Probation Department had recommended no jail time, while the District Attorney requested four to 20 years in prison.

The judge in the case, Judge Patrick Butler, chose the minimal sentence, because he wants to see if Wilkerson can be “rehabilitated.”

“I’ve struggled, to be quite frank, with the idea of, ‘Do I put him in prison?'” Butler said, according to The Daily Camera.

“Mr. Wilkerson deserves to be punished, but I think we all need to find out whether he truly can or cannot be rehabilitated.”

Wilkerson’s attorney, Michael Cohen, said that the remorse Wilkerson showed was genuine, but his actions the night of the rape showed he cared little for the victim.

The incident occurred March 15, 2014, when a female student, who Wilkerson knew from high school, became intoxicated at a party. Wilkerson told friends that he would care for the girl, so he gave her water, checked her pulse and took her temperature.

When they were alone, Wilkerson sexually assaulted her.

Despite saying he would care for the victim, Wilkerson was “pissed off” at her, since he made moves on her but was rejected. He even called her a “f***ing b***h” for turning him down.

Wilkerson’s ridiculously short sentence for raping a young woman comes just a few months after the controversial Brock Turner case. Turner, a former student at Stanford University, raped an intoxicated, unconscious woman near a dumpster outside of a party. Despite the typical 14 years in prison he should have served for the three counts of sexual assault he was charged with, Turner was only sentenced to six months behind bars.

Wilkerson’s case, yet again, shows how little regard the justice system has for the victims in these rape cases. It truly is a tragedy that those involved in these cases care more about the treatment and rehabilitation of men like Wilkerson and Turner than those who were raped, which will affect them for the rest of their lives. When will judges begin giving rapists the lengthy stays in prison that they certainly deserve?

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One Response to Another College Student Receives Short Rape Sentence After Brock Turner Case

  1. daniel jackson says:

    why you so called journalist keep calling these guys rapist is poor journalism, it was assault NOT rape, for both this guy and Brock.

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