Anthony Weiner Bragged About Using Four-Year-Old Son As ‘Chick Magnet’ While Sexting Mysterious Woman

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from

Can this Anthony Weiner incident get any worse?

Earlier this week, the news broke that the ex-congressman engaged in yet another sexting scandal. This time, he sent inappropriate messages to a mysterious brunette woman in her 40s, while his wife, Huma Abedin, was out campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. This caused Abedin to finally announce her separation from Weiner.

As if the situation could not get any more grimy, more details have just emerged. In texts exchanged between Weiner and the woman, which were obtained and released by The New York Post, Weiner had used his four-year-old son, Jordan, as a “chick magnet.”

The publication reported that Weiner had sent the woman several pictures of his son. In one message, specifically, Weiner sent the woman a photo of his son on a swing.

“Already at work. Being a chick magnet,” he captioned the picture.

“It’s like a puppy. Chicks love cute kids and puppies,” she responded.

When Weiner was not trying to use his son to help himself get laid, he also told the woman how “busted” his marriage to Abedin was. This prompted the woman to question how sexually frustrated Weiner must have been.

“So busted marriage = pent up frustration??” she asked him.

In attempt to defend Weiner, the woman told The New York Post that she does not think he is a bad person, like everyone else does, but she considers him to be “broken.”

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Maybe he’s an unfulfilled person. He’s in an unhappy marriage,” she told the publication.

Everyday, new information about Weiner’s sexts are released. Like everybody else, we are partially excited to see what other scandalous things Weiner sent this woman. However, we are also scared of the possibility that any new information could be as gross as Weiner using his son to help his chances with women.

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