Antonio Cromartie Defies Science, Father’s 14th Child Despite Vasectomy

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According to Planned Parenthood, “a vasectomy is one of the most effective kinds of birth control out there…[and] are almost 100 % effective at preventing pregnancy.”

The “almost” part of that is important to remember; but, if you’re having trouble remembering that statistic, just look at Antonio Cromartie.

In 2011, after the birth of his 10th child, the former New York Jets cornerback underwent a vasectomy.

Since then, however, he has welcomed four more children with his wife despite that vasectomy, bringing the total number of children he has fathered to 14.

On August 30th the couple welcomed an 8 pound, 2 ounce baby girl named Jhett. She is the couple’s 6th child from their 9 year marriage; Cromartie fathered 8 other children in previous relationships.

“We are 100 percent done! Absolutely, positively done with having kids,” Cromartie’s wife Terricka said in a statement to US. “We’ve been blessed with these guys, but adding to it, I think, would kill us both!”

According to Yahoo News, “After Terricka delivered a set of twins on Mother’s Day in 2016, she told Page Six that she planned on getting her ‘tubes tied.’”

People on Twitter have had some unsurprisingly strong reactions.

“Antonio Cromartie has more kids than the jets will have touchdowns this year,” one person wrote.

“I wish I was 1/10000 as determined as Antonio Cromartie’s sperm,” wrote another.

Even reversing a vasectomy won’t guarantee that sperm production will resume, according toP Planned Parenthood. “The odds of a woman becoming pregnant after the man has a vasectomy are less than 1 percent” according to the American Pregnancy Association.

They need someone like him in the world of Handmaid’s Tale, it would seem.

In 2015 a video showed Cromartie struggling to remember the names of all of his children.

The couple have a reality TV show based on their lives coming out in November on USA called The Cromarties.

“We finally found the project that will showcase our reality in a real light, showcase our children, and show how our family really functions,” Terricka told US.

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