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Nightmare and the Cat is a Los Angeles-based indie rock quintet lead by brothers Django Stewart, the vocalist with the awesome first name, and Sam Stewart, the guitarist and elder sibling. The brothers recruited Claire Acey, singer and multi-instrumentalist; Spike Phillips, drummer; and Scott Henson, bassist. The band’s name is borrowed from a song by Anthony Harwood entitled “Nightmare and the Cat”. Anthony Harwood may have drifted into obscurity – just try finding him on any search engine, I dare you – however, Nightmare and the Cat (the band, not the song) won’t. Especially with the advent of social media, but that’s a subject for another article entirely.

This band is amazing; a rising star in every sense of the word. When I first began to listen to their EP, simply titled “Simple”, I was like, “What?” I’m still absolutely confused as to how I’ve never heard of this band until yesterday. That’s right, I’m not ashamed of my incognizance. More to the point, I was unable to accurately determine which band this band reminded me of. It’s almost as if my entire playlist of rock songs had some sort of unholy orgy and consummated this nightmarish Frankenstein-cat creature that, instead of the indiscriminate grunting and un-pretty English, croaks beautifully addicting tunes of love, heartbreak and, sometimes, blood. Instant favorite.

“Julia sang late into the night. Salvation was a light hanging in the street for the cars on Alvarado,” the song Alvarado’s lyrics read like poetry. Did I also mention that Django has some serious range? In the song Alvarado, Django alternates between being Soul prince to a seasoned Hard Rock virtuoso. But his voice also blends in perfectly with the instruments in the background of “Simple” – which has a rock song with definite dreamy, and almost psychedelic overtones. Sounds like the Beatles, but like the 2014 version plus that undeniable indie-awesomeness that I like.

If you haven’t already, grab Nightmare and the Cat’s EP “Simple”, follow them on Twitter and wait patiently for any music they give away as spoilers. Expect great things from this band!

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