Baby Blue Ivy’s Hairdo Causes Online Controversy

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Is there really an issue?

On, you can find a bunch of petitions calling for legislation against sexual assault and suicide prevention, but apparently you can also find one on Blue Ivy’s hair and how it should look.

There is an online petition called “Comb Her Hair” and it has critics stunned, centering on Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy. The petition suggests that Jay and Bey should spend some of their multi-million dollars to properly treat their 2-year-old daughter’s hair.

“The parents of Blue Ivy, Sean Carter a.k.a. Jay Z and Beyonce have failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy’s hair,” a New York woman named Jasmine Toliver states in the petition. “This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy’s hair.”

So Jasmine Toliver is saying that through the number of online photos of this toddler, she notices lint balls and dreads in her hair, really?

By Thursday morning, the petition has accumulated nearly 2,000 signatures. Toliver took to her Facebook fan page to defend herself as criticism arose about her petition. “My joke took off, anything I guess with ‘sign a petition’ is funny,” Toliver wrote. “If I would’ve said ‘sign a petition to save LeBron James hairline’ that would’ve took off (too)! It’s a clever joke! Nobody came up with that before.”

Most people do not consider this a joke, especially when you are talking about someone’s child. There are numerous posts about Blue Ivy’s hair roaming the social media pages, but this petition tops the cake. Toliver goes on saying, “My hair [looks] like Blue Ivy except that it is moisturized and detangled.”

This discussion has led to opinion pieces and blog posts about black hair, image issues in the black community and Jay Z and Beyonce’s parenting skills. This is absolutely insane, judging a child by the way their hair looks. Did Toliver forget that Blue Ivy is nothing more than a child? Is a celebrity child supposed to look a certain way?

It seems as though we forgot about that in the “How To Do Your Child’s Hair” memo.

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