Bill Cosby’s Shocking Secrets Revealed In New Tell-All Book

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Magazine Features

Everybody has skeletons in their closet and we all hope that no one opens the door. Unfortunately for Bill Cosby, author Mark Whitaker opened the floodgates to all of Cosby’s secrets from his past, and is sharing them with the world. Whitaker released a book called Cosby: His Life And Times. He alleges that Cosby was living a double life, had numerous affairs, and a secret love child. The complete opposite of the respected TV family man and comedian we all love. Whitaker writes that “during Cosby’s comedy rise in the 70s, he spent a lot of time away from his family in Las Vegas, where he lived a life of self indulgence and was free to spend his evenings hanging out with celebrity swingers and playboy bunnies at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion.” Whitaker also alleges that Cosby, who’s been married to his wife Camille since 1964, was involved in an affair with a twenty-year old, named Shawn Berkes.

Cosby’s infidelity didn’t end there: “Camille had always worried about the effect of Los Angeles on [Bill]. And decades later, she would confess to the pain that her husband’s ‘selfish’ behavior caused her in their LA years, as he indulged his roving eye. In 1997, a woman named Autumn Jackson claimed to be Cosby’s love child (with Berkes) and demanded that he pay her $24 million. When news of the arrest first broke, Cosby’s spokesmen insisted that he barely knew Jackson. They admitted that he had paid for Autumn’s college tuition for a year and set up a fund for other expenses, but they described her as just one of the hundreds of young people Cosby had helped put through school.”

Cosby’s daughter Erinn, was definitely the opposite of The Cosby Show‘s Vanessa, Denise, Rudy, and Sandra. At the age of fourteen, Erinn began drinking alcohol and smoking pot at boarding school. In college, she got into snorting cocaine and dropped out in her sophomore year. Cosby admitted Erinn into rehab and unfortunately, the decision put a terrible strain on their relationship.

Cosby also had a unstable relationship with his son, Ennis. Although he was the “apple of his eye”, they frequently had disagreements regarding his work ethic in school. Cosby would accuse Ennis of being lazy, and not striving to do better. Eventually, Cosby learned that Ennis’s learning problems were caused by dyslexia. (If you remember on the Cosby Show, Theo was dyslexic). Cosby sent Ennis to a boarding school in Bucks Country, Pennsylvania. When he graduated he was accepted into Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. Years later, Ennis lost his life in a tragic turn of events. He was shot and killed in a carjacking in Los Angeles, CA. As expected, Cosby has never healed from the loss.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. To get the full scoop, the book Cosby: His Life And Times hit’s stands today!

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