Birdman Tried to Kill His Own Employee?

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The State of Georgia has indicted rappers Young Thug and Birdman’s associate, for shooting at rapper Lil Wayne’s tour buses this past April. According to the indictment, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, who is also known as Pee Wee, and Roscoe, raced up alongside Lil Wayne’s tour buses, opened gunfire, and subsequently attempted to hide the Camaro vehicle he drove. Winfrey was indicted of 30 charges including, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, possession of a firearm and violation of both the RICO Act and Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act.

There were many series of events that lead to suggest that Winfrey was the one that fired at Wayne’s tour buses. In Young Thug’s “Halftime” music video, Winfrey is seen holding an assault rifle that looks like the one used in April. Also, court documents claim that five days before the shooting, Young Thug posted a video on Instagram, making gang references and threats to Lil Wayne with Winfrey and weapons visible in the video, as all the rappers claim to be blood gang members.

On the night of the incident, Winfrey and multiple blood affiliates, began organizing their attack around the time Lil Wayne was performing at a show in Atlanta. The authorities, which noticed Winfrey’s activity, decided to escort Lil Wayne’s tour buses out of Atlanta. That’s when Winfrey trailed the convoy and sidled up next to the buses, opening fire with two handguns into both buses, according to the indictment papers. Winfrey later called a phone owned by Birdman, and hid his car. Winfrey is due in court Friday morning for a bond hearing.  As of now, Young Thug nor Birdman will face charges for their affiliation with Winfrey.

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