Black Man Shot By Police After Calling For Help With A Robbery

Credit: MorgueFile

Credit: MorgueFile

Yet another black man has been shot by police.

On Tuesday, Carl Williams, a 48-year-old black man, called Indianapolis police, after an armed robber attempted to steal his wife’s car and threatened her with a gun at 4:30 a.m.

Officer Christopher Mills, who served in the district for nine years, and his partner responded to the call and arrived to Williams’s home. However, upon arrival, Mills shot Williams in the stomach. Mills’s partner did not fire any shots.

Luckily, Williams is expected to survive.

In a press conference, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department referred to the incident as a mistake.

“Our homeowner, the individual who was trying his best protect himself and his wife from any other harm, was shot mistakenly by our officers,” Major Richard Riddle said, according to Daily Mail.

He even said that Williams was “victimized.”

“She was victimized, and unfortunately now, her husband was victimized as well,” Riddle stated.

It is still unclear what all went down just before Williams was shot. It is known that when police arrived on the scene, Williams’s wife’s car was still in the driveway. Williams exited his garage with a handgun, but police said he did not hold it in a threatening way.

Due to all of the racially fueled police shootings against black men, this situation is one that must be handled delicately. It could very well be that Mills simply mistook Williams as the robber, but there could also be racism behind it. Everything is still up in the air at this point, but Mills is currently on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

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