Book Review: The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic (Harry Potter fans will love it!)

Photo Credit: THZ Melanie Chima

Photo Credit: THZ Melanie Chima

I was in the library a couple of weeks ago, and I came across The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker. Honestly speaking, the first thing that drew me to the book was the size of it. I love books that are over 400 pages, and this book looked like it definitely had more than 400 pages! I flipped to the back of the book and saw that it had 563 pages. The next thing I did was read the description of the book, and saw the word “magic.” I love books that have to do with magic, so I was sold!

I’ll try not to give too much away, but I want to tell you a bit about the story to intrigue you. A character by the name of Nora Fischer is not exactly having the best life, and during a weekend at a friend’s wedding she takes a walk and somehow enters a portal into a different world. A world that is full of illusions and real magic, I might add. Initially everything seems just peachy in the new world, and she’s glamorous and beautiful there. But things aren’t what they seem, and her fairy tale takes a (deliciously) darker turn as the story progresses. She will have to learn real magic in order to survive in this new world. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones with her and Aruendiel, the moody magician who she needs to rely on to teach her magic.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how addicted I would become to this book as soon as I started reading it. I’m talking about “thinking about the book when I wasn’t reading it” addicted. Everything was so well done in this book! I loved the characters, the magical world most of this story took place in, the dialogue, etc.. Even though it was a long book I didn’t feel any lag in the story. Like there wasn’t a part of the book that I wanted to quickly get through because it bored me to tears. You could tell the author really cared about these characters, and I must applaud her for coming up with such an imaginative world.

I’m going to say that fans of the Harry Potter series should definitely pick up this book! This book was a lot of fun to read, and my mind was getting a kick out of what I was reading on each page. I enjoyed the book so much that I contacted the author on Twitter, and asked her when the next book is coming out. She said that she is happily writing the second book, but there is no publishing date yet. I also asked her what the inspiration for the book was, and she said, “[I] had an idea about a woman trapped by fairy enchantment that was really a kind of wish fulfillment and then a very clear picture of the gawky, wild-haired magician who tells her to snap out of it. [I] started wondering who these characters were and why they were acting this way. A bigger story took shape [and I] decided I should write it down.”

My rating for this book: A+++

Even though an A+ is the best rating I can give something, I don’t think it’s a high enough rating in this case. This book was that awesome! I immediately bought it on my Kindle after I returned the book to the library, and as soon as the second book in the series comes out I’ll also buy it on my Kindle.

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  1. Gigi Kaur says:

    Ok I’m sold, will definitely read. Tkx for sharing.

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