Brangelina Divorce: Angelina Jolie Creates War Room To Take On Brad Pitt; Jennifer Aniston Responds

Credit: Morguefile/faustlawmarketing

Credit: Morguefile/faustlawmarketing

Brangelina’s divorce seems to be an all-out war.

On Tuesday, the world was rocked with the news that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.

After the news broke, things quickly got ugly. According to Daily Mail, Jolie has set up a war room in a rented Los Angeles home, so she and her team can prepare to take on Pitt.

Pitt, on the other hand, had hoped that they could handle the divorce civilly. However, that all changed, when Jolie alleged that Pitt was having an affair with co-star Marion Cotillard, had substance abuse issues and had an anger problem.

Pitt now fears for the safety of their six children, because paparazzi are staked out of their home.

“Brad still cares for Angelina very much and respects her as the mother of his children,” a source told Daily Mail. “But after the rhetoric that has been put out over the past 24 hours about his drinking and doing drugs, along with the completely untrue rumors about him having an affair with his co-star Marion Cotillard, he is hoping to be able to turn the volume down.”

Originally, Jolie had hoped to gain physical custody of their six children, but after hearing what she has been saying about him, Pitt now plans to fight for joint custody.

Sources have stated that Pitt and Cotillard’s affair is definitely false. During all of this divorce drama, it was confirmed that Cotillard is pregnant with her second child.

Of course, many people have wondered what Jennifer Aniston, Pitt’s ex-wife who he left for Jolie, thought about the divorce.

“Yeah, that’s karma for you!” Aniston, allegedly, told a close friend about the divorce, according to Us Weekly.

Both Jolie and Pitt have asked for privacy during this time, but since we are all so invested in their lives, that will likely not happen.

This divorce is just getting started. Since it is only in its early stages, more scandalous news is sure to break in the days to come.


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