Bravo’s Andy Cohen Faces Criticism For Calling Amandla Stenberg A ‘Jackhole’

Photo credit:  Morguefile

Photo credit: Morguefile

Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live, has been facing some serious backlash on social media after calling actress, Amandla Stenberg, “Jackhole of the Week.”

After her criticism of Kylie Jenner’s cornrows on Instagram, the Hunger Games actress has started a much-needed conversation on cultural appropriation.

We understand that this is a controversial topic for many people, but Cohen needs to calm down and have some class.

A forty-something-year-old white man is criticizing a 16-year old girl for speaking out about the appropriation of her culture. When a black woman is criticized or shamed for various features of her appearance, and then white celebrities mimic those features to be cool or gain attention, that is appropriation…and it’s not okay.

Many viewers are saying that Cohen is known for being uninformed and a bit of a jerk, but perhaps what’s even more concerning is the fact that his two guests agreed with his comments on Stenberg.

The Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox and Editor-at-Large of Vogue, Andre Leon Talley, both agreed with the host.

When Cohen asked, “White girls in cornrows … is it OK or nay, Laverne and Andre?”

Talley said, “To me, it’s fine.”

Cox followed, “Um…Bo Derek.”

Both Cox and Talley are black, and the fact that they wouldn’t come to the defense of the 16-year-old being called a “jackhole” had viewers up in arms.

In fact, on Tuesday, the trend #BoycottBravo began circulating on Twitter!

What do you think? Are Cox, Talley and Cohen really the ‘jackholes’ in this situation?

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