Brian Williams Speaks about Recent Months

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Thursday was all a buzz for NBC journalist, Brian Williams, when it was announced that he would remain employed at the network. Additionally, Lester Holt, formerly NBC Nightly News’ interim anchor after Williams was suspended, was made the official anchor of the show. Now, Williams himself is speaking out about what has been going on.

On Friday, he gave an interview with The Today Show about the recent months of his suspension. Months ago, Williams publicly reported that when he was reporting on the Iraq War in 2003, the enemy hit the helicopter he was in. Later, it was revealed that Williams’ words were embellished.

“This was clearly ego-driven,” he claimed in his Friday interview. When Matt Lauer asked Williams if he knew he was embellishing right as the words were coming from his mouth, Williams admitted that he did not realize this.

During his suspension, Williams said reading about himself in papers was “torture” and he could not stand the person these people were talking and writing about. It is also possible that Williams was too fueled by a desire to be the sharpest and wittiest anchor around, and this was one way he could get people’s attention.

NBC will keep Williams as a reporter for MSNBC. He is thankful for the “second chance” and claims he will not “squander it.” Admittedly, he originally wished he could return to his former job at Nightly News, but he supports Holt and the future of his career. For now, Williams is working on earning back trust of his viewers and fans.

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  1. Debra says:

    Yeah for NBC for reinstating Williams, and thumbs up that he had to gain insight into himself.

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