Britney Spears Appeals And The Court Responds Saying She Was A Drug Addict

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Britney had her fair share of mental issue, but now new evidence has surfaced that she was a drug user too.

New legal documents state all the official reasons why Brit-Brit checked herself in the psych ward back in 2007-2008. In 2007, Brit was fighting with her manager and former friend Sam Lutfi, filing for divorce and having a distant relationship from her parents. And, now drug abuse.

Sam apparently told Brit to start new and go clean. But, Spears’ family disagreed and believed Sam was the one who fueled the drug addiction.

According to the new information, Britney asked Sam to work with her, but he only agreed under two conditions. First, she would let him assemble a team and then she would stop using drugs. But, Britney didn’t listen and continued to use drugs. The addiction got so bad that she was found sleeping in an parking lot, which also happened to  be the day she lost custody to her children.

After Britney’s dad got involved, she became more stable, successful in her career and an amazing mom!

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