Campaigners Don’t Want You Having Sex With Robots

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

They haven’t even hit the shelves yet, but there has aready been a public appeal to stop the selling of robots currently being developed for personal sexual acts.

Many companies all over the world have been developing robots designed for sexual purposes (some close to completion as near as 2017), which has prompted the start of the “Campaign against sex robots”.

Kathleen Richardson, a robot anthropologist and ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, U.K., is leading the campaign and warned that sex robots might come in the guise of children, as well as adult women.

“When I first started looking into the subject I thought, ‘oh sex robots, that’s harmless and perhaps these robots would reduce demand for real women and children,'” she told CNBC on Tuesday.

“But then as I researched the subject more I found that the opposite was true—that rather than reduce the objectification of women, children and also men and transgender people, these robots would contribute and reinforce their position in society [as objects].”

The first thought that comes to this completely objective journalist is that there isn’t technically that much of a difference between sex robots and the more *ahem* conventional sex dolls that have been around for years. It would then make sense that the concerns faced by Richardson and others may be interpreted as outdated. Some sex toys require batteries and therefore could be considered robots. Most men don’t have emotions, and can be called robots, too.

A company called True Companion has been working on their own sex doll, Roxxxy. According to their website, she “knows your likes and dislikes, carries on a discussion and expresses her love to you and [can] be your loving friend. She can talk to you, listen to you and feel your touch. She can even have an orgasm,”

This is more than what can be said for most partners.


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