Charleston Shooter’s Sister Starts GoFundMe Page



News broke that Dylann Roof’s older sister, Amber, started a GoFundMe page after her wedding was canceled. Dylann Roof is the man who confessed to fatally shooting nine people at the Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Amber Roof lost all of her wedding deposits, and now, she’s turning to GoFundMe to have a wedding and honeymoon just like she and fiancé Michael Tyo wanted.

The ceremony was scheduled for June 21. On June 17, however, the Charleston shooting took place with Roof ‘s brother as the only suspect. On her GoFundMe page (which no longer exists), Roof wrote that she and Tyo had to “abruptly cancel [their] wedding day” because of the shooting in Charleston. They wanted to begin their lives that Sunday, but instead, the day “was full of sorrow, pain, and shame, tainted by the actions of one man.” Reportedly, her brother didn’t even plan on attending the wedding.

The page was removed on Thursday when the media began buzzing about it. The Washington Post did confirm that Roof of Shelby, North Carolina, originated the page. She also wrote that many of the couple’s family and friends traveled and took time out of work to be there for them, and they “could not ask [them] to do that again.” So, they started the page in hopes of donations for wedding costs, bills, and a honeymoon. According to Roof, she and Tyo “would like the chance to start [their] lives on a postive [sic] note.” And of course that’s what they want.

Some people aren’t thinking so generously. Roof is the sister of the man who killed nine people in a racially charged crime. They are lumping the siblings together, as if Roof also killed the innocent people.

“You have a lot of nerve asking people to finance your wedding while your brother is sitting in jail, nine people are dead,” one commenter vented on the site.

Other negative comments followed the same pattern. There were some supporters, but the feedback was mostly nasty and an attack on Roof and Tyo.

It is a strange concept. Roof is related to the Charleston shooter, which means they share DNA, and it’s hard not to associate them together. But Amber Roof didn’t kill anyone. She’s not responsible for what happened at the Emanuel Church. It might be a strange request (especially if you find the whole concept of GoFundMe a little peculiar, which many do), but it seems relatively innocent. This member of the Roof family, as far as the eye can see, is not a killer. If she wants to be able to marry happily, she should be allowed to marry happily.

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