China Will Change Policy From One Child To Two Per Family

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China is revoking its 35-year policy of having one child per family to two children per family, a policy that was enforced in the 1970s to prevent over population. The change in policy is due to low fertility rates and an aging trend in its population, NPR reports. When the policy was first implemented the population was at 1 billion, the population is now at 1.3 billion.

Prior to Thursday’s decision, many reports have revealed the circumstances parents face when they find themselves pregnant with a second child in China. Adoption or even drowning at birth are some of the common solutions and infanticide is rampant especially in female childbirths. If parents were caught violating the policy they were subject to punishments such as a fine, loss of employment, forced abortion, and sterilization.

Currently China has around 400 million births per year and with the new policy in tact they will likely have an additional 200 million births per year.

Some Chinese citizens are apposed to the idea of increasing their population, as they believe the older generation is already depleting social services and health care systems, according to CNN. It is also believed that an increase in household members will decrease the growth of China’s thriving economy.

However, some couples still might go on to have one child, as it has become the status quo. Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported, ‘’people born after 1980 are less enthusiastic about having more than one child.”

But for couples who want more than one child and human rights groups that saw the policy unnecessary to begin with this supports the idea of less communist oppression and greater freedom.

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