Clinton’s Emails Originally Not Classified

from morguefile, hot zone library

from morguefile, hot zone library

This email scandal seems like a conservative distraction, doesn’t it? With Donald Trump saying countless heinous things multiple times a day, it’s no wonder. The facts in the investigation into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s email practices as Secretary of State remain murky. It is important to determine whether she and her staff acted negligently, maliciously or even if they acted incorrectly at all. She is potentially our next president, and we need to know if we can trust her with our government’s information.

Reportedly, over 2,000 of the emails Clinton handed over for the investigation contained classified materials. BUT, that information was only classified after the emails had been sent. Apparently, a little over 100 emails did contain information that was classified at the time they were sent from Clinton’s personal email server; but, they were not marked as classified when they were sent. Three emails were marked classified at the time they were sent, though reports say that they were improperly marked which could explain Clinton not identifying them as such.

Clinton also allegedly continued  to use a Blackberry even after the State Department requested that she use a more secure device.

The FBI investigation found that there was no overt evidence that Clinton and her staffers deliberately broke the law. They were careless, however, and that is important. What Clinton has shown us, however, in her decades of civil service, is that she learns from her mistakes. Email and Internet are still relatively new technologies that many of us take for granted as safe. Our leaders should be more careful and I believe that she will. This is a rare moment of recklessness, compared with Trump’s daily, sometimes hourly, carelessness with his words. Her actions were condemnable, but forgivable. I’d still trust her with my government secrets before I would ever trust Trump with them.

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