Comcast Complains About DirecTV’s Rob Lowe Commercials

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You’re probably familiar with those sometimes amusing, sometimes downright strange DirecTV commercials featuring Rob Lowe and his alter egos.

They’ve been successful ventures for DirecTV, but Comcast is not impressed. They filed a complaint, which led to the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division insisting that DirecTV pull the ads completely.

According to the Bureau, the commercials’ boasting that DirecTV has “better signal reliability than cable” and “shorter customer service wait times” are “unsupported” claims.

DirecTV’s reply? The commercials are “outlandish and exaggerated” enough that no customer could possibly believe the claims presented.

Somehow, I doubt they intended to mislead their customers on purpose. Nice try, DirecTV.

“They were losing subscribers before this campaign came on. They gained subscribers in the two quarters where they ran the ads,” Stephen Battaglio, media writer for the Los Angeles Times noted.

DirecTV isn’t legally required to remove the ads, but they told CBS News that they were scheduled to be nixed at the end of this month anyway.

However, they “reserve the right” to revive them in the future.

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