Creator of Erin’s Law Disagrees with Duggar Family Response to Sexual Abuse

Credit: MorgueFile

Credit: MorgueFile

If you haven’t heard of Erin Merryn, it’s important you learn. She is the woman who created Erin’s Law, which demands that sexual abuse prevention is taught in all public schools in the United States. In 2013, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar met Merryn and asked her to come into their home to speak with the family about sexual abuse prevention, as they were advocates for Erin’s Law. Merryn, who is a survivor of sexual abuse herself, went into the Duggar home and spoke to the family, but she was completely unaware of anything that had happened with Josh Duggar. Of course, now she does know, and she has expressed her disagreement with the public and with Michelle Duggar.

Merryn sat down for an interview with Rachel Bertsche of Yahoo Parenting this week. If you get the chance, read the whole thing on Yahoo – it’s quite powerful. Here at The Hot Zone, we’d like to give you a brief look into the conversation.

One of the first things Merryn makes clear is that she knows the Duggar parents made mistakes. Instead of waiting almost a year and a half to report their eldest son to the police, they should have reported him immediately after he told them what he had done. Also, Merryn doesn’t think they should have let Duggar stay under that roof. They should have found another place for him to live, be that with Jim Bob Duggar’s sister or a set of grandparents.

She also reached out to the Duggar family this week. She was firm and honest with Michelle Duggar, telling her that she didn’t like how the parents handled the crimes. However, she does give the family credit for not denying that Josh Duggar sexually molested their daughters. They know he did, and they have admitted it. They are protecting him, but they are not ignorant about what happened. This is the one thing Merryn claims that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are doing right in this scandal.

You can read the whole interview on Yahoo Parenting today.

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