Critics Slam “Stonewall”: The Director Claims He Chose A “Straight Acting” Actor For Straight Audience

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

A powerful climax in the gay-rights movement is the setting of a new movie, Stonewall, directed by Roland Emmerich. Ever since the release of the trailer for Stonewall, Emmerich has faced outrage from the LGBT community.

Many individuals believe that the film only reveals the beginning of the gay movement and fails to mention the drag queens, transgender patrons and queer people of color present who are also greatly responsible for the chaos in the 1960’s.

Vanity Fair slams the film claiming it to be “offensively terrible and terribly offensive,” therefore, Emmerich is completely fed up with the negative comments and the film has not been released yet.

The director claimed that the film has a white, male, “straight-acting” protagonist because he is, for all intents and purposes, using one of the most iconic moments in queer history to reach a straight audience, according to Huffington Post. 

Roland Emmerich stated:

“Danny is a very straight-acting kid,” said Emmerich, who says Danny serves as the eyes of the audience. “They can relate more strongly to him and through Danny’s eyes they’ll experience the more extreme situations depicted in the film. We had a lot of discussions about the sexual scenes and how far we should go or not go, and it was always very interesting.”

Rriter Rich Juzwiak states:

“In the movie’s production notes, Emmerich notes that Danny is also ‘straight-acting,’ which is a term that I can’t believe any gay man uses anymore, much less a gay man who’s taken it upon himself to teach the world about a pivotal moment in gay history.”

Check out the trailer for Stonewall below:

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