Daughter Of Glastonbury Founder Reacts To Anti-Kanye Petition

Photo Credit: Glastonbury Festival

Photo Credit: Glastonbury Festival

As signatures continue to increase on the Change.org petition urging bookers to remove Kanye West as Glastonbury Festival’s headliner, the daughter of the event’s founder, Michael Eavis, has written a blog post for The Guardian in reaction.

“Every year when we announce who’s playing at Glastonbury there are complaints and often outrage. We’re well used to that. Scrutiny of our headliners has become something of a national pastime,” she began. “In normal circumstances, we wouldn’t add to the story by commenting. But given the enormous amount of media coverage from all corners of the globe we felt compelled to respond this time.”

Eavis is disappointed at the petition and its supporters, insisting that they should be excited that West is headlining.

“The Glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts is the full name of our festival, and my dad and I love doing what we do: working with great, creative people and being able to curate so much music, art, theatre and circus, not to mention the political and green debate. We think the story this year should not be: ‘Why is Kanye coming?’ but: ‘How amazing is it that Kanye is coming?’ One of the world’s biggest superstars and a music legend, always interesting, never boring,” she continued.

She then hints that West’s feelings may be hurt by all of this criticism (I’ll keep my snarky comment to myself on that one…).

“I have such faith in humanity, but believe me, some of the vitriol being thrown around this week has made me question the dark underbelly of the web. Who are those people silently shouting in disgust, throwing out threats from behind their screens? It certainly isn’t pleasant to be on the receiving end of that. I can’t even imagine how it makes Kanye feel,” she wrote.

She continues to make some very valid points. Very few refunds have actually been requested, and in addition to most supporters of the online petition not being from the UK at all, the creator has never even attended the festival. He admitted as much himself.

Eavis included an invite to him: “Our message to the man who started the petition is that like any other ticket-holder, he is very welcome to get a refund. But better still, come to the festival and open your mind to some wonderful music and performances from all corners of the world.”

I have mixed feelings on this one, but one thing is for sure–I very much doubt Kanye West is losing any sleep over this little blip on the radar, considering the drama he has purposely ignited in the past.

Moving on!

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