Debate Of Life or Death For Dylann Roof

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This story is one I think should be brought to the light, because this is not the first hate crime of this kind and it will not be the last. We all also have to live on this planet called Earth together, whether we like it or not. While people may be saying that the death penalty is wrong, blasé’ blah, this is America were everyday we put people to trial and death for heinous crimes they have committed in and against the United States publicly or not. This specific massacre was a terrorist act on not one, not two, not three, not four, but nine African – American, nine human beings. Nine moms, dads, sisters, brothers, wife’s, husbands, etc. When has it become ok to persecute some for some crimes and not others? I want to point out this was a hate crime, a terrorist act. I understand that one wrong doesn’t make a right, I get it. I can not understand why a person would orchestrate and kill nine people, strangers while they are praying in a church. Marissa Alexander, the woman in jail for firing a warning shot in the air was originally sentenced to 20 years, but Zimmerman killed a man and went free. If a black man commits the same heinous crime….would he get the death penalty? I don’t want my comments to seem biased. The media’s stories and the fact that me myself, an African – American, West Indian may play a part in my opinion. I am smarter however, to place myself on both sides of the argument. So, to be rational and open-minded, I asked for help from an expert in this case a Defense Lawyer for over 20 years, Mrs. Diane Bass,

While Roof’s conduct warrants the harshest punishment, even the families of the victims in this case do not believe in the death penalty. Putting someone to death for taking the lives of others perpetuates the cycle of killing. Roof’s attorney stated that if he were not facing the death penalty he would plead guilty. He [Roof] would be sentenced to life in prison and due to the nature of his crime and his lack of remorse, he would be placed in the highest security facility and would likely spend the rest his life in a cell completely deprived of human contact. ADX in florence, Colorado, where he would go, is super max prison. He would be on 23 hour lock down 5 days a week, but his one hour outside on those days would occur in a cage with walls around, so he could only see the sky. The court and/or the prison could potentially order that he have no telephone, no visits. A judge can impose any restrictions he or she deem fit but ultimately it is up to the bureau of prisons. Being deprived of human interaction is a heinous punishment and can sometimes lead to psychosis. This is a punishment worse than death. A death penalty trial would cost taxpayers millions of dollars for counsel, death penalty counsel, a mitigation specialist, a psychiatrist, a paralegal, a computer and hundreds of hours of court time. – Diane Bass, Defense Attorney

With all do respect to the deceased and the families of the deceased, they are religious and some of them may not even themselves want the young man Roof put to death for the crimes he committed. The remembrance of them, their beliefs and what they stood for should be the last thing remembered, not the killing of a man who murdered them. They would, I believe even want the man to be offered grace….even in the face of this act.

I would like to thank Mrs. Diane Bass and Mrs. Lois Katz from Public Relations team whose credentials make her a great asset to THZ.

“Diane Bass has been devoted exclusively to the practice of criminal defense for over 20 years. Ms. Bass represents people who are charged with every type of crime in both State and Federal court. Ms. Bass has an outstanding reputation that has earned her the respect of judges, prosecutors and her colleagues throughout Southern California. Her dedication to excellence combined with her extensive trial experience and extremely high ethical standards has obtained excellent results for her clients for many years. Ms. Bass will zealously protect your constitutional rights. Forged through years of experience Ms. Bass has a deep understanding of how Law Enforcement Officers conduct their business and she will aggressively pursue any potential violations of their conduct along with any other possible defenses you may have in your case.”

Practice Areas: White Collar Crime, Fraud, Theft Crimes, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Driving Offenses – DUI

Additionally, Ms. Bass is very active in the legal community. She is a member of:
• The Orange County Bar Association

• Orange County Women Lawyers Bar Association

• Federal Bar Association

• National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

• Orange County Criminal Defense Bar Association and the American Bar Association

• Former President of the South Orange County Bar Association

• William P. Gray Legion Lex Inn of Court

• American Bar Association

Community involvement:

• Judge, Mock Trial Competitions. UCI

• Coach, Corona Del Mar High School Constitutional Rights Foundation

• Presenter, Orange County Bar Association – Teenage Survival Skills

Media Inquiries: Lois Katz Public Relations
(732) 533-5331 (609) 947-5003

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2 Responses to Debate Of Life or Death For Dylann Roof

  1. starviego says:

    Show me a shred of evidence that Roof killed anybody.

    • Jarrisa Encore says:

      He is in jail facing state and federal charges….he was going to plead guilty at his arraignment, they have him on tape entering the building….they have the gun he used .45 glock semi….his sister recognized him from sketch…

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